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Our Privacy Policy


privacy policy



Here at LondonEscape, we are very aware of the trust you place in us and our responsibility to protect your private information.

How we use your information.

The job of ensuring your confidentiality is taken very serious.  When you make a reservation, only the information required for the express purpose of placing and confirming your reservation is requested. We try keep the information required to the bare minimum and only the very basic information is ever passed on to the owner of the property you are staying at.


Your information is used exclusively to make and manage your reservation, itinerary and for accounting purposes.


  1. Only use your information to provide you with information you require or have requested.

  2. Your e-mail address is only used by us to offer you properties or to reply to a question asked by you.

  3. Never, ever will your mail address be passed to a non related third party company.

  4. We are a responsible steward of the personal information we collect.


Your privacy is guaranteed
The privacy of the information you submit to us while making travel arrangements is guaranteed. Your information remains private, confidential and secure and will not be sold or otherwise released to any third party. 

Storage of personal data.
All Personal Data is both transmitted via encrypted message (Secured Socket Layer (SSL)) and then stored in a secure database.